About Collins Roofing in Broken Arrow Oklahoma and Green Country

About Collins Services

What we stand for and why we get the job done right

Collins Roofing is a company that gets the done right. From the moment that we step foot on to your property to do a quote we treat you with respect. We understand that this is your home and your investment. Living in Oklahoma we know that storms will pop up and if your investment is not protected there is even more headaches. That is why we pride ourselves in customer service. When you see our branded vehicles you know that your investment is protected.

When you call Collins roofing we start the process with a estimate. We will send out one of our inspectors and look at key spots that usually start to show wear and tear. Then the inspector will look at spots throughout the roof based on years of experience, specifically that might be a trouble spot for your house. From there we will inform you what we feel like needs to be done and make a plan on how to fix any problem spots. With your approval we contact the insurance if necessary and schedule a date to fix your roof.

You will see our brand

When we arrive on site our crew arrives in Collins Roofing clothing and also wrapped vehicles. To some this might not mean anything, but to us its an issue of pride in how we look and represent the company. Rest assured every man and woman that works on your roof is employed by Collins Roofing. Going through background checks so you don’t have to worry about who is working on your investment. We do no use contractors to do our jobs. From start to finish we get the job done right.

Clean up is our job

During the process of completing your roof things can get messy. There are hundreds of nails in your roof and shingles that miss our bins. Do not worry though because we always take care of the cleanup. Just like how much pride we take in our dress and vehicles, we take pride in how we leave your are around your investment.

We want you to be happy

No matter what the situation we want you the customer to be happy. If a problem arises rest assured Collins Roofing will take the steps to correct the situation. We know that problems may occur during the roofing process. Sometimes some shingles or nails may evade our eye site. We are not perfect but everyone at Collins wants to make sure if a problem arises we will stand by our work. Feel free to call us or email so that we become aware of it. Our motto is not just something we say, it is a standard that we work by. Every time we will get the job done right!